Episode #161: Your 2021 Business Audit

Dec 23, 2021

Today’s episode will be similar to what I do with my paid clients in our coaching calls. I am going to do an exercise with you, which will allow you to take a “health check” on 10 areas of your business and get immense clarity into how your business is doing! Better yet, it won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time. At the end of this episode, I am also going to share with you 10 resources to get you started on improving the different areas I talked about in this episode.

Here are some of the aspects of your business I want you to reflect on, and decide how happy you are with them:

  • Your vision
  • You customers
  • Your schedule (working hours)
  • Your systems (how streamlined is your business)
  • Your enjoyment!

I want you to thoughtfully complete this exercise with me, and be honest to yourself. How many areas are you completely satisfied with? How many areas do you need to work on? Be sure to stay until the end for a list of resources that will help you improve upon the weaknesses you’ve identified.

If you’re ready to get into it, find a nice and quiet place all to yourself, and get your pen and notepad ready to take some notes!

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