Episode #125: Streamlining Your Business with Jordan Gill

Apr 15, 2021

We’ve all been there – when starting out in business, it feels like all work is good work! And in some ways, it might be, but there’s a catch many of us are pretty familiar with, burnout. 


Saying ‘yes’ to everything is a pattern that is much too easy to fall into. Jordan Gill, Operations Consultant, is familiar with the feeling! Before finding her love of systems, she struggled with burnout. Now that she’s found her groove, she’s on a mission to banish burnout! 


We’ll chat about how to streamline your business, so everyone is staying within their zone of genius. Saving time on those administrative tasks by automating them leaves your team free to do the work they love to do!


Links Mentioned in This Episode:

Connect with Jordan Gill
On Instagram @systemssavedme
Or listen to her podcast, Systems Saved Me

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