Episode #91: My 6 Pillars of Leadership

Aug 20, 2020

Leadership is an essential skill that we need to develop in order to scale our businesses, but not a lot of people are teaching this complex skillset well. That said, in this episode I share my own insights that I have gained over years of leading various teams to greatness.


This recording is from a training I did for one of my high-level coaching groups. The women in this group were primarily 6-figure business owners who were all hiring and leading team members, but even if you're not there quite yet, what I cover in this episode is still extremely important.


We start with clarifying the vision and values of your business. What is the impact you're creating and how are you creating it? I also speak on the importance of giving thought to the culture you want to create in your business.


I then move into my 6 pillars of leadership which include:

  1. Hiring Smart
  2. Comprehensive Training
  3. Systemized Communication
  4. Direct Feedback
  5. Inspiring Growth
  6. Course Correcting


I hope you find these pillars useful and applicable as you grow your own business.


Links mentioned in this episode:

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