Episode #4: Simple Money Habits

Jan 24, 2019

This episode covers the money habits that have the ability to change your entire business simply by implementing them!   

Last week was about Money Mindset, this week we are going to talk strategy!  This is more of the practical side of what I coach and teach, as well as my Mini Course which called Profit and Prosper, as well as the free Mini Course which is called Profit Year.  If you are at all struggling with the money side of your business, I encourage you to sign up for the free course.   



Money Habits  

The money side of your business is a muscle that need to be challenged, the same way you would train for a marathon, you practice a little every day to achieve your money goals.  The following are habits, not one time activities, these are consistent exercises that should be done on an ongoing basis. 


Daily – Visualize your Daily Goal   Visualize the target you are currently working towards.  I visualize myself writing it down and/or entering it on a spreadsheet.  I know it sounds crazy, but visualizing it makes it manifest.  I zero in on the number I want to achieve, when I do this I feel like the kind of woman that I would feel like if I made that money.  Do this every day until you achieve the goal, and if you’ve achieved it then raise it!   


Weekly – Make offers  Do not sit back and wait for leads or clients to come to you.  This is a very passive approach which will work, but very slowly.  Plan for a number of sales or discovery calls per week in order to grow your business, these will lead to offers.  Do this in a way that feels good, and keep in mind that it should come from the place where you want to help and serve someone else.  Even if it is a free session, it’s still making an offer and still counts. 


Monthly – Look at the Numbers  Many of us only look at the money once a year, when it's tax time.  This is a terrible activity as we do it at a time when we are stressed out, and it’s too late to do anything about it!  Starting now, take 2 hours at the beginning of each month to look at the money.  You should be using an accounting program, Freshbooks, Wave, Quickbooks, etc., these will calculate your sales and expenses.  Get clear on what is happening!  If you want the details, you should sign up for my free mini-course, but basically you need to know what’s coming in and going out.  You need that clarity every 30 days.  If you aren’t hitting your goals, then you will start to see why.   You need to know where you are at the beginning of each month, quarterly is too long and weekly is too short.   


Annually – Raise your rates  Every year you become better at your craft.  You are helping more people, and helping to create better results out in the world and you should be paid more.  When you worked as an employee, you received a raise just for showing up!  As an entrepreneur, we need to do this for ourselves.  It’s our job to be the boss, put on our CEO hat, and raise our rates.  I’m doing more and giving better results.  I do this at the end of December and early January, and I know exactly how much money came into my business.  Charge more money, and get fewer clients, but make sure that the clients you get in are the ones that really value what you bring to the table.  That’s what is going to change your business.  You deserve to pay yourself well, once a year give yourself a raise.   


The course will give you more clarity, more of what you want, and how to know if you are achieving it!  When you leave this course, you will be armed and ready to tackle 2019.  https://thinkbigsalesconsulting.lpages.co/profit-year/


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