Episode #88: Reflecting on Growth with Michelle Dittmer

Jul 30, 2020

Do you take the time to look back and really reflect on your own growth?


Unless you're working with a coach, you probably don't. That's why I really wanted you to hear this conversation between myself and my amazing client Michelle Dittmer of Canadian Gap Year Association.


Not too long ago I sat down with Michelle for a final coaching call with her. Michelle and I had been working together for 6 months and she had come so incredibly far in that time. This was recorded as a real-life coaching call and was not intended as a podcast, however, when I listened back to it, I felt what Michelle reflects upon is so universal and would be so valuable for other business owners to hear.


With Michelle's permission, I share this inside look at what a coaching session with me looks like. Listen as she reflects back on the different areas of growth, she has experienced over the past 6 months and as she starts to envision her own future growth.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

The Canada Gap Year Association (CanGap) 

The Gap Year Podcast

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Instagram @cangapassociation
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