Episode #17: The 3 Keys to Selling with Confidence

Apr 25, 2019

Today I share 3 Keys to Selling with Confidence. Selling is a learned skill, a mindset and an integral part of a successful business. So, if you don’t feel like an expert at sales don’t worry, hang tight and listen in for the tricks of the trade. 

We need to get into the mindset that there are thousands of people that are struggling and they need you, your expertise and guidance.  By not sharing this with others, you are doing them a disservice.. you could be helping people learn and grow. View sales as an invitation for others to use your programs and services. Think of what your products and services can do for others. 

Understand that when you deny other people of your own unique skills and gifts, you are essentially keeping them from being their best selves. All because you think you are too shy or not good enough at selling.

The mistakes I see most often are easy to fix, but just require courage to get started.  Many business owners have trouble getting past a perfectionist attitude to get to the initial conversation.  It can be as easy as figuring out if there is a way to offer a sample or a free trial of your services so those potential clients can get a taste of what working with you is like. 

The 3 Keys to Selling with Confidence include: 

  1. As really great questions, and then listen!
  2. Sprinkle the conversation with “credibility nuggets”
  3. Be clear and unapologetic on what you are offering and how much it will cost.

Remember, it’s not about you but about the potential client.  Listen to their needs, be empathetic to their issues and share experiences you have had with others. So many of us lack the confidence to show how we are the expert or the best in what we do.  The mistake I see the most often is when the offer is presented. 

If you do it right, then the potential client will become a client, they will see the value in working with you and will want your services or products.  

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