Episode #20: Is it Time to Build a Team?

May 16, 2019

How would you like an additional few hours each month to grow your business, reach out to new clients and nurture your existing ones?  Are you feeling overwhelmed doing all the things that need attention?  Do you find that there aren’t enough hours in the day, or not enough of you to spread around? 

The solution is simple – by asking yourself a few key questions you can quickly identify which tasks can be handed off to someone else.  This will alleviate the stress of trying to accomplish everything alone and afford you the freedom to focus on growing your business.  Building my own team has allowed me to grow my revenue, my impact and my reach. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Many business owners are skeptical though, I hear the same arguments all the time. 

“I can’t afford it.”

“It’s easy for me to do myself, so I’ll just keep doing it.”

“I don’t want to manage people!”

“No one is going to take as much care as I will.”

“It takes too long to train someone else.”

Would a 6-figure CEO be doing all the items on their to-do list, or do you think that the CEO would hire someone else?  If the answer is “No” then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it either. 

If you find yourself waking up already feeling overwhelmed (or maybe you aren’t sleeping well) and you are constantly running out of time, constantly stressed and worried then it’s probably time to think about making some changes.  If you find that you are no longer doing what you love, and not loving what you do, then it’s time to get back to the basics and remember what was it about the business that got you going in the first place! 

If you think you can’t afford additional help then you need to realize that it does cost you when you do it yourself.  You are losing the chance to work on clients if you are completing the tasks that someone else can do. 

When it’s time to build your team it’s important to start slow and keep the lines of communication open when working with someone new. Surround yourself with awesome individuals and match their talents to the items and tasks that need to be completed.  Lastly, make sure to touch base on video calls and in person on a regular basis. 

My team has allowed me to move forward and do the things that I’m supposed to be doing in my business; creating great content, teaching and coaching, building relationships and business development.  None of them are full time, but they alleviate the time I’m spending on items I shouldn’t be doing. 


Links mentioned in this episode:

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Rick Mulready
Online Marketing Strategist

Traction:  Get a Grip on Your Business
by Gino Wickman

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
By Carol Dweck



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