Episode #53: Your 2020 Money Vision

Jan 02, 2020

I am so passionate about this topic because I meet far too many women who do not have CLARITY when it comes to the money side of their business. This breaks my heart because it tells me we're acting out of fear, doubt and scarcity. These are low vibe emotions and feeling this way will likely result in business failure. 

It is so important that we understand how the money side of our business works. And the good news is that it doesn't have to be super complicated. We can start small and take baby steps. Any knowledge in this area is better than living in the dark. 

How do you want to FEEL when it comes to your money? 

Kind of a strange question, I know, but I think it's important we start here. Because understanding this emotional side of money is going to help us chart our course for this next year. 

I ask you several questions about where specifically you need to gain more clarity I share a few of the areas I am currently looking to gain more clarity in our biz financials. I also ask you to think about what you'd like to be paying yourself in 2020 and if you're not paying yourself currently, it's time to start!

We talk about investing in your business to create strategic growth, and we dive deep into how you’d like to grow in 2020.  I also share my thoughts on the power of consistency when it comes to our habits, beliefs and feelings about money. 

Basically, be the end of this episode, you should have clarity on what you want to achieve financially in 2020, and pumped up to go out and make it happen!


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