Episode #5: Taking Control of your Business with Michaela Burns

Jan 31, 2019

 Today’s conversation is with Michaela Burns of Mint Décor. A former HR Consultant and mother of 2, Michaela is the owner and principal designer of Mint Décor. Michaela and I met at Business Bootcamp in April 2018, following that she took my Profit & Prosper online coaching course. Since then, Michaela has become one of my clients for one-on- one business coaching.   

Our m
indset comes from our beliefs; our money beliefs really determine our success.   

Tune in to hear our candid discussion on how taking the Profit & Prosper online course has been a game changer when it comes to the money side of her business.  She reveals the obstacles and emotions she faced during her first year, and how she was able to grow and flourish both in business and in confidence in 2018.  She speaks in depth of the mindset changes that she made in that resulted in her doubling her revenue last year.  If you are spending money and not getting results, it’s a drain on your company.  Michaela also talks about how she was able to identify what wasn’t working in her company, and instead of beating herself up she figured out how to fix it! 


Profit & Prosper is a 6-week course that will take you from financially stressed to financially free!  If you are afraid to look at your finances; if you know you are making money but you aren’t sure you are turning a profit; if you aren’t paying yourself; and if you don’t have financial systems in place and you are frustrated by your lack of financial savvy; then this course is for you!  




Links mentioned in this episode:  

Michaela Burns
Owner, and Principal Designer
Mint Decor
Instagram: @mintdecorinteriors


Business Bootcamp is an event run by Mamas & Co.  It is a full day conference giving Mama-entrepreneurs the most essential and up to date tools, skills, and strategies to help grow and scale their business.    


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