Episode #3: 5 Money Beliefs Holding You Back

Jan 17, 2019

Today we are talking about mindset and beliefs. 99.9% of thoughts we have in our heads are not facts -they are the beliefs we have about the facts.


Is this a belief, or a fact? All the time we are judging and making assumptions, and our beliefs can be positive or negative, today we are going to take a look at the most common beliefs about money and how they may be holding you back.


Resist the temptation to judge yourself, it’s really holding you back and is not helpful. We need to take notice about how we feel and think about money, so we can make some positive changes.


If we held onto the beliefs we’ve had all our lives we wouldn’t be able to move forward. We can change our beliefs and it starts today. Identify the negative beliefs that are holding you back.


Money mindset resources:


5 Money beliefs that are holding you back


No one is going to pay THAT for what I do!

It’s not serving us, and it’s not true! No matter what you do, there is someone else who also does it and may charge more! Your clients cannot pay if you don’t ask them to. If you want to know if someone will pay, raise your rates and see what happens! Do not make excuses, justify your rates, or offer discounts.


I can’t charge that because I’m just starting out!

Stop comparing yourself to people who have more experience than you. I have many clients who are ready to buy when they talk to me, they aren’t shopping around or comparing me to others.


Set a Goal -I don’t want to set a goal in case I don’t make it!

This is a belief I see in 2 types of people: “A” Type personalities that hate to fail, and beginner business owners. Not writing down or stating your goal is immature, a beginner's way of thinking. I challenge you to set a financial target for 2019.


I am already too expensive, I couldn’t possibly charge more!

Do not hold onto the belief that you aren’t worth what you charge. Even when we feel we are already too expensive, we are saying that we aren’t worth more. Add value, and think of other ways you can do more for your clients. How can you help them achieve better results?


If I charge that, people will think I’m greedy or that I’m too pushy!

What other people think of us, is frankly none of our business! The people who judge me are not the people that I care about, they are likely not going to be my clients and are definitely not going to become my friends. People who feel that way should not be affecting how you show up in your business. Look for your true supporters, and behave in a way that will support.


People will think I’m worth every penny and that I’m a total value and that I will get them results. This is a new belief that I’ve had to work on over the last few years. My raving fans do not shop around, they are ecstatic to work with me. How will this belief serve me in my journey? Every day our financial success depends on these beliefs.


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