Episode #22: Letting Go to Grow

May 30, 2019

Does it feel like you're constantly pushing to get to the next level? In this episode, I invite you to look at a few key areas in your business where it might be time to let go.


Let go?  Isn’t that the opposite of what I should be doing right now?  I know this is exactly what you are thinking because I’ve been there!  You are constantly busy, hustling, pushing forward, and sometimes, it's what the business needs, but other times, it's not.


If you're early in your business perhaps you need to let go of "perfectionism." Ask yourself, is your need for content to be perfect getting in the way of getting content out to the people who need it? Reality check: there will always be something in your business that isn't perfect, so might as well embrace that now.


If you're further along in your business, and you're running out of hours in the day then it may be time to let go of control and ask for help. And if you're past the 6-figure mark, you may need to practice letting go in a very special, nuanced area... Lianne talks about the law of detachment and how applying it to our business (though this might feel counterintuitive) can absolutely bring about more.


In this episode, I want to remind you that YOU are not your accomplishments, that being done is better than perfect and that sometimes letting go, though it feels counterproductive is actually the thing you and your business needs most.



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