Episode #93: Top Business Tips if You're Just Starting Out

Sep 03, 2020

I recently did an IG takeover on a popular mommy influencer's account and learned that 75% of the moms I polled either had a business or are thinking of starting one. That's HUGE! And that's why I realized it might be a good time to finally record an episode with my top tips for newbie business owners.


The 8 tips that I share are things that I learned the hard way over the past 5 years or so. My goal is that this episode will help you avoid some of the pitfalls I made along my business journey, and fast-track your success.


Yes, you can run a kick ass business that brings you immense joy and fulfillment. And if you apply these tips, you'll get there, further, fast. I swear!


These tips run the gamut from mindset to strategy and there are a few surprises in there, things you probably wouldn't expect. If you're starting a business (or even if you're further along) I know you'll get a ton out of this episode.

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Lianne Kim · Top Business Tips if you're just Starting Out


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