Episode #90: How to Master YouTube

Aug 13, 2020

Have you thought about using YouTube to grow your visibility, credibility, and gain new leads? If so, you likely know that there's a lot to know to master this platform. That's why I brought my friend, Quayjo, on the podcast to share his top tips on how to master YouTube. 


Quayjo has grown his own YouTube channel from zero to over 11,000 subscribers over the last few years and he shares how to grab your audience's attention and keep it. He explains how YouTube actually works, and what people want to watch on the platform, so you can begin to create content people actually want to consume instead of what you think they want to see. 


Quayjo even shares his proven framework for YouTube videos that get the most clicks and views, and keeps viewers watching longer (which you want!). There's so much to know, but he breaks it down and makes it easy to implement. If you're going to show up on YouTube, don't waste your time. Listen to Quayjo and get off on the right foot!


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