Episode #87: Defining your Special Sauce

Jul 23, 2020

Do you tend to downplay what makes you special? You probably do, because it's simply our human nature! But it's time to put an end to that nasty habit. After all, how will anyone else fall in love with us, if we don't know and celebrate what makes us unique and awesome?


In this episode I guide you through a few key exercises that will help you define your special sauce, so you can start to speak to it in your marketing and sales efforts. First, we look at your top skills and strengths, the "what" we do. Then we look at what I call your "unique gifts" or the "how" you do what you do.


If you have ever struggled to sell yourself with confidence (or you just need a bit of a self-esteem boost) then this episode is a must-listen!

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Lianne Kim · Defining your Special Sauce


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