Episode #72: 6 Online Course Ideas to Inspire You

Apr 16, 2020

 Are you thinking about launching an online program, but haven't taken action yet? This week on the podcast I share the stories of 6 inspiring women, all of whom launched their first online program with my help. 

Perhaps you're currently delivering 1-to-1 services and you're ready to teach those skills in an online course? Perhaps your people have one specific pain point that you can help them solve? Or maybe your peers in your industry keep asking you to teach them a certain business skill? There really are so many ways you can leverage an existing skill set or audience.
I share these 6 examples because there might be something in this episode that gives you an inspired idea for your own online offer. I'm also sharing this because I want you to see that in all of these cases, these women had no prior experience selling online programs. They figured it out along the way, and so will you! 
And if you're looking for more help on how to get your first online offer out into the world, I invite you to attend my upcoming Masterclass on how to Launch your first online offer. 
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James Wedmore, Business Mindset Mentor

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