Episode #36: Selling Your Expertise

Sep 05, 2019

In today’s episode, I have a candid conversation with Tammatha Denyes, the CEO of TD Accounting Services, a forward-thinking and growth-oriented accounting practice that focuses on providing services to businesses in an online environment.

Tammatha tells a story of significant personal loss, how it affected her business and the lessons she learned.  She then outlines the steps she took to move forward in life and business.

Unlike other accounting practices, she and her team believe that business owners should use the most technologically advanced tools to make informed business decisions.  TD Accounting Services focus’ on providing bookkeeping advisory services to bookkeepers who are either just starting, or are ready to learn how to navigate new, cloud-based accounting systems. 

So many female entrepreneurs struggle with the money side of their business, Tammatha empowers business owners to understand and be in control of their finances because not paying attention to them could be the demise of a business. 50% of companies close their doors in the first year because they aren’t in control of their finances, and don’t know where their money is going.

We also talk a lot about the importance of mindset while building a business. She was active on Social Media and soon found that she had become a leader in her field. When she decided to try coaching out for the first time, her first course filled up in a matter of days. Tammatha relays the importance of this course, how it not only served her raving fans but how it turned into research for the next big step in her business.

Learn more about Tammatha and her team by stopping by the website today. They are NOT your average, straight-laced group of professionals!


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