Episode #37: Scaling with Online Courses

Sep 12, 2019

In this episode, I chat with a former client who has a remarkable story. Rosalee Lahai-Hera of Baby Sleep Love opens up about her journey from overworked, underpaid and burnt out to a thriving business owner with multiple online offerings. 

Initial Challenges and Shifts

Rosalee talks about some of the initial challenges she faced when she first started. The biggest was realizing that she was undercharging for her services and as a result, too many clients were buying (we talk about how a high conversion rate is a real problem in business). The issue here is time. Rosalee was spending all her time on her business, which was affecting the time she wanted to spend with her family. 

After taking a hard look at her business, she restructured her packages down to two and raised her rates. This was a very successful strategy, but it created a new problem. Rosalee felt that she had eliminated a whole group of families from those she wanted to serve. The answer to this was the creation of an online course.  

Online Course Introduction

Online courses are a great alternative to 1 to 1 coaching, as it allows for self-guided instruction at a reduced cost. Rosalee tells her story of how and why she introduced her first online course and how that worked within her business model. Creating and launching the course was a big investment in time and energy, but it’s paying off as Rosalee is now reaching more clients. She warns that with this type of learning, it’s important to stay in touch with her students to ensure their success.  


We talk about some of the oh-so-common initial worries people have about shifting from 1 to 1 client work to one-to-many online offers and how she overcame those fears (hint: loss of money and control are involved). Rosalee and I both offer strategies for creating a successful online course. There is also discussion about money, rates, packages and the time involved with running an online course. 

So, if you’re struggling to figure out how to shift your business so that you can scale it with something like an online course, this episode will give you lots of inspiration and tangible tips. Developing an online course is exciting; being able to see where your business is going next and how you can change lives is the best part of entrepreneurship! 


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