Episode #40: Network Like a Boss

Oct 03, 2019

With massive growth in the online business world, we are finding that people aren’t meeting in person nearly as much as in past years. Networking is becoming hard because we are out of practice! However, networking is a very important skill to have, so in this episode, I will outline the most common mistakes, and give you some valuable tips on what you can do to make your next networking event a success!


Think back to an event where you made a connection with another entrepreneur. It’s likely that you have a good memory of them because when meeting them in person you were able to read their body language and make eye contact. The quality of that connection is better because you were live and in person.


We are not intentional.  Many of us sign up for events we feel we “should” go to but aren’t that excited about. We purchase a ticket, then forget about the event until the day of, then we rush to it unprepared. This is not showing up with intention. Mindset, Strategy and Intentional Action will set you up for success.


Quantity, not Quality. Some of us believe that going into an event and meeting every single person in the room would make any event a success.


Tips for Networking Success
Be selective when choosing which events to attend. Go to events that excite you, where your dream clients will be!


Get clear on the desired result. What is your goal for this event? Once you decide what you want to get out of the event, visualize the whole day in advance (but in fast forward). Start by visualizing getting ready, travelling to the event, arriving, meeting people and making connections.


Aim for three new quality connections. Who is it that you want to meet? If it’s a customer, then make it your dream customer, your raving fan. Remember, if you go and hang with people you know, you aren’t growing your network!


Finally, take it to the next level by reaching out a day or two after the event. Offer to meet for coffee, or some other call to action to carry the relationship forward! Hopefully, there is a way that you and your new business besties can help each other!


 Links Mentioned in this Episode:

This week's episode is sponsored by my annual conference for mama entrepreneurs MamaCon

I mention our keynote Jill Stanton who was actually the guest on our show last week:
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I reference the podcast interview I did with my client Candice about live events for your business: Episode #34 - Events that Grow your Business

I reference my first podcast when I talk about taking "Intentional Action": Episode #1 - My 3 Part Formula for Business Success

I also share a silly story of how I met one of my business besties, Cindy Wagman at a networking event. Cindy's business is: The Good Partnership


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