Episode #39: 3 Shifts to Up-level your Success with Jill Stanton

Sep 26, 2019

This week Lianne sits down with Online Entrepreneur extraordinaire Jill Stanton of Screw the Nine to Five. Jill shares her from her first online business to the birth of her well-known online community Screw the Nine to Five, which she has run with her hubby Josh Stanton for many years. 


She talks about how she became a mother at the height of her business success and how that forced them to take the space to reassess their priorities and get clear on what they really wanted to create.


Jill talks about the fears that come up for us business owners and having the courage to ask ourselves what we actually want and trust in our own instincts, even when it’s scary. Sometimes it takes giving up good to realize greatness. 


She shares her definition of Affiliate Marketing which is their current business model and talks about her recent up-level since challenging their own beliefs and seeking for more alignment.  She believes there are 3 fundamental shifts we can all start to make that will enable us to reach new levels of success in our business.


Dealing with the judgement of others.
“What will people think of me if… “Many of us have a real fear around this, but allowing others to have this control over you (whether they realize it or not) will dim who you are. Confidence, caring, and self-approval will unleash your possibilities. 


Wanting an outcome vs. Committing to an outcome.
The business is really overwhelming and often emotional, then we stop showing up, and we lose momentum. The trick is to want to have a business to being committed and having the business of your dreams. Wanting = not having. Committed = getting it done.  


Thinking from your future self!
Focus on your vision, and get clear on your endgame! 


If you loved this conversation and want to meet Jill and me in person, then you've got to come to MamaCon!


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