Episode #1: My Formula for Business Success

Jan 03, 2019

In this episode I speak about my secret formula for business success and let me tell you, it’s probably not what you think!


For me, success means nothing if you are not personally fulfilled and have the life of your dreams!   I’m a big believer in getting really clear on what you want your life to look like.  Want more time for travel?  Time for your partner and kids?  You can create the life and business you want.  


Making great money and having a great life are not mutually exclusive, you can have both!  


My 3 Ingredient formula – what it means to me and how to get it!


Mindset – when working with entrepreneurs we have to get clear on having the right mindset in place!  It’s like physical fitness, you don’t go once a year to the gym and expect to be fit. It’s a daily practice, we have to continue to train and work on.  


No one is going to believe in you, if you don’t believe in you!


Books that I would recommend on the subject:

  1. Think and Grow Rich (money mindset)
  2. The Secret (personal development), this one is about the law of attraction and personally, I’ve achieved many things in life due to some of the ideas in this book.  
  3. Another great book is The Magic of Thinking Big. It speaks to needing to think big in all aspects of your life.  


A big shout out to James Wedmore, his podcast “Mind Your Business”. He gives great talks about how having a positive mindset is so great for your business.  Go check him out!


Mindset is foundational, it’s a muscle that we need to train day in and day out. My mindset is that I CAN do this, and I SHOULD do this! Success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics, the How To’s.  If you have the mindset then the mechanics becomes a lot easier.


Strategy – Entrepreneurs need to have a solid business model.  Tactics vs Strategy – Tactics are the small things we do every day.  Strategy is figuring out how we are going to get there. Need to have a strong strategy before the tactics will make sense!  What are you all about? Who is buying your product? What is your plan? Strategy’s change, evolve, and grow in your business. Don’t get stuck on the action piece of the business, focus on the strategy too!


Intentional Action (Hustle!) – You will need to do a lot of hustling in the first year or so of your business because new business won’t just fall into your lap.  We have to act and be seen so our clients can find us! Don’t wait for opportunities, create them if necessary. Are you making excuses?  If so, then you need to be more intentional in your actions.


My goal for this podcast is for you to stretch your thinking, dig deep into your dreams and consider the following questions:


  1. What is the mindset I’ve put in place?
  2. What is the overarching strategy that I’ve put in place?
  3. What are the intentional actions that are helping me get to this success?


This is all about believing in yourself, even when other people don’t!  



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