Episode #34: Events that Grow your Business

Aug 22, 2019

In this day and age, there are SO many people doing what you do, so how do you stand out? By creating a Signature Event that elevates your brand! The energy at a live event cannot be captured any other way. Live events are a great way to help you stand out in the crowd.  

The Big Picture
Be sure to set clear goals on what you wish to achieve from your event. Think about the purpose, is it an anniversary or a product launch? How would you like your guests to feel about your event? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it’s okay to take ideas from events that you have attended and loved and add in your own unique flair. 

We live in an age of engagement, and everyone wants to be part of something. Attendees expect that you know them already, so anticipate their needs and build them into the event programming. Look for ways to make it fun and engaging, creative signage, networking exercises and breaks between speakers are great ways to nurture attendees. Be unique and think outside the box. 

When it’s over
The job doesn’t end when the doors close. Be sure that you do not miss the opportunity to build on the momentum after your event. Sign vendors, speakers and/or sponsors up for the next year. Be sure to survey your attendees during and/or after your event.  The comments and suggestions you receive from them are pure gold!

A word about marketing
Prior to your event, be sure to create as much buzz as possible through IG and FB posts, leverage others involved to spread the word on their social media as well. Create unique hashtags that will get the attention of your desired audience, and engage influencers and get everyone talking! Also, print copy is a great way to spread the word, see if you can write an article for a relevant magazine or newsletter. 

On the day of the event
Put processes in place to capture real-time testimonials that can be used to market future events. Get on social media during the event and post pictures or video of how it’s going so far. Your audience, who is not in attendance, will see what they are missing, all while still feeling involved in a small way. You will capitalize on their fear of missing out, and likely won’t miss your next event! 

Best advice – just get started! You won’t know how things will work out if you don’t try, so don’t let your fears hold you back! 



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