Episode #86: Cultivating Optimism with Lea Pickard

Jul 16, 2020

In this episode I am giving you a sneak peek into my relationship with my business buddy Lea Pickard. Lea is a female entrepreneur, a wellness expert and the host of the ReWild Wellness podcast.


This conversation was recorded in April 2020, during the height of COVID-19 and social distancing. We talk about how optimism is such an essential ingredient for business and life success. We share common pitfalls of self-doubt and self-pity and we talk about how to move out of negative patterns.


Lea shares her knowledge about how our brains work and why our brains are designed to protect us. I share some of my key "ah-ha" moments when it comes to the power of our mind to create personal success.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

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Lianne Kim · Cultivating Optimism with Lea Pickard


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