Episode #21 - Finding More Joy in your Business with Lea Pickard

May 23, 2019

Do you find you're still experiencing the same joy and excitement you once did in your business? Or is the honeymoon over? Join me in a conversation with my good friend and entrepreneur Lea Pickard as we talk about finding more joy in our business.

Lea is a wellness and happiness expert, which is why I asked her to come on my Forces of Nature retreat in January as our Yoga Instructor, and it's also what makes her the perfect person to talk about how we can create a more blissful business.

Lea and I love to gab, so this episode is a long one, but we talk about some things I think everyone can relate to. We talk about why a lot of female entrepreneurs are not feeling more joy and fulfillment in our businesses and how that affects us. We mention the "B word" (burnout) and how we can recover from it, or better yet avoid it altogether.

Too many female entrepreneurs talk about how they've experienced burn out at some point in their entrepreneurial journey and Lea and I are both on a mission to put an end to this!

Lea shares her insights on the mind-body connection and states the science behind why how we feel in our bodies can affect our mind and vice versa. Plus, you're going to learn a little something about yours truly that you may not know already ;)

Lea shares 4 key areas we can work on to start to feel more joy in our business. She shares how tuning into our body, getting more sleep, eating for energy and practicing gratitude will help us be more present, and find more joy in our businesses and in our lives.

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