Episode #74: What Success Looks Like Right Now with Ashley Shaw

Apr 30, 2020

This week I sit down with my super fun friend Ashley Shaw who is an online coach and mentor to social sellers. It was fun to have a conversation around some of the big picture stuff, despite what is happening in the world around us right now (COVID-19 and social distancing).


Ashley shares what success for her really looks like and how her life and business are shifting now that she is a mama-to-be. She talks about how back in the day her feelings of success came from external sources ie. other people's praise of her.


She talks about how having a team has changed her life dramatically. And she also shares how many hours she's spending on her business and what she spends that on.


And then we turn the tables and Ashley asks me a few questions about what success looks like for me right now, how I have pivoted in my business because of COVID-19, and how we are looking for ways to add value to our people.


Links mentioned in this episode:

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Ashley Shaw
Marketing Strategist & Podcaster

Follow Ashley on Instagram @theashleyshaw

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Marriage Counselor, Podcaster & Speaker



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