Episode #70: Showing up Strategically on Social Media with Dee Boswell-Buck

Apr 02, 2020
Do you ever feel like you're showing up on social media sporadically or "ad hoc" with no real plan or strategy? If so, you are NOT alone. In this episode, I sit down with Social Media Strategist, Dee Boswell-Buck, who helps female entrepreneurs show up strategically online. 
Dee shares her story of how she first got started in her business and you won't believe how it happened (hint: She got a sign from the universe via LinkedIn!) She talks about making the leap to go all-in on her business and how she now works with women to achieve their business goals by leveraging the power of smart social media. 
Dee shares the top 3 mistakes that business owners make when showing up on social, and how we can fix those mistakes. We talk "Imposter Syndrome" and the very common fear that we are "bragging" about our business. Dee shares a ton of useful tips and tricks, including how to use our metrics and data to help guide our decisions on what content to share and where. 
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