Episode #63: Make Your Content Work For You

Mar 12, 2020

As I prep for Business Bootcamp 2020, I've been thinking a lot about one of the ways I have grown my business astronomically in the last year, which is Content Marketing. So, I decided to record an episode about how to make our content work for us. 


I kick off the episode by sharing some of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to how we approach our content. I feel like we're looking at content in a way that doesn't serve us. 


As I say in the episode, your audience is not waiting for another blog! 


Your audience is looking for a transformation within themselves, and they are consuming your content because they believe it will help provide that transformation. So your content is a means of building connection, it helps your audience see you as the person who can get them from where they are now to where they want to be. 


If your content is doing its job right, it is helping drive interest and traffic to the things you want people to purchase from you (your products and services). 


Conversely, if your content is not helping people discover how they can work with you, then it's likely falling flat. It might be fabulous content, but if it's not strategic, then it's not helping you grow your business. 


In short, your content should be helping you reach the business goals that you have set out for yourself. And if it is not, then this episode will help shift the way you think about content, so you can use it as a tool to help you achieve those goals. 


And finally, I ask you a few compelling questions at the end of this episode that will help you tie all this hard work together. 


If you're struggling to be more strategic when it comes to your content or to develop a cohesive content plan, then you need this episode! 

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Tarzan Kay
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