Episode #69: How to Succeed with Facebook Ads

Mar 26, 2020

Facebook ads. They seem like a necessary evil when you want to grow a business. But frustration levels can be very high when you're gritting your teeth behind the ads manager screen, unclear of what you're looking at and why. 


That's why this week, I sit down with my friend and Facebook Ads Strategist, Alvaro Berrios, and we look at what it takes to succeed with Facebook Ads. We kick things off by dispelling a few common myths about Facebook in general. For example, if you think Facebook ads won't work for you, or that your Dream Client is not on Facebook, you're probably wrong. 


Alvaro covers a lot when it comes to Facebook Ads Strategy, for example: 

  • Key metrics to look at in order to find out if you're on the right track, such as click-through rates. 
  • How to find and create new audiences to target, so that your ads reach the right people
  • How to create warm audiences with video (and how to retarget those video views later) 
  • Understanding our own customer journey and how Facebook ads can help speed up that journey
  • The specific ad types to use to achieve specific results


Lastly, we cover a big component of successful marketing -- mindset! If you're expecting immediate results, and you're not willing to test and tweak your ads (ie. you're not willing to make mistakes and try again), then you may be in for a rude awakening. And if you're relying on getting leads for free, it might be time for a mindset check. We need to be willing to invest in acquiring new customers, as all the top businesses do. 


Links mentioned in this episode:

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Alvaro Berrios, Facebook Ads Strategist

Instagram: @iamalvaroberrios



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