Episode #67: Business with Limited Childcare

Mar 19, 2020

In light of the global Coronavirus crisis, many of you will be in need of strategies to run your business when you have limited childcare. I compiled a list of strategies that you can use when you have limited hours to work on your business, or you need to work with your kids around.


My first strategy is to minimize your to-do list by prioritizing those things that really need to get done, vs. the things that don't. Once you have done that you can map out when you plan to tackle each task, based on their level of importance. You can also block off the time you will be in "mom mode" and not working.


If you need to get more done, I do encourage you to ask for help from others, even if that's not something you do normally. There are always people willing to help us if we're willing to ask, and I give you a few non-conventional suggestions for finding support.


And last but not least, I remind you to show yourself a little compassion. It's OK if it doesn't all get done. Your business will be OK, and so will you.

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