Episode #59: Rockin' Business and Motherhood

Feb 13, 2020

This week marks my 8-year anniversary of my becoming a mother, so I decided to open up a bit about my personal life and I share a bit about my motherhood journey. I share how I became a mother and the story of my daughter being born. 


But the primary reason I recorded this episode was to help give you the tools and strategies to thrive in both your business life and in motherhood. Because I know it is a struggle and a juggle sometimes, but I also know that it IS possible to be a great mom and a great business owner. We do NOT have to choose between the two. 


Some of the strategies I talk about include some mindset work, saying no to "mom guilt", prioritizing, scheduling (and sticking to your schedule)! These are practical concepts that you can start to apply right now that will help you feel more confident in your ability to be effective in both of these areas. 


I also really believe that we need to surround ourselves with women who are thriving as mothers and business owners. You've heard the expression "it takes a village." We need our village of mama entrepreneurs who understand the very unique challenges to this lifestyle. 


If you're looking to find a community of "mom bosses" just like you, I invite you to join the Mamas & Co. Free Trial which starts Monday, February 24th.


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