Episode #55: Getting Intentional About Money

Jan 16, 2020

This week I sit down with Janette Yee, a Perinatal Therapist and a thought leader in Women's Reproductive Health. Janette talks about her mission to help women get the care they need preparing for and recovering from childbirth. 

Janette talks about how before having her children she was part of a busy downtown clinic, which she loved but that didn’t provide the lifestyle she was looking for with a busy household with two young children.  She started her business after her second child was born and quickly learned that being an entrepreneur means that you have to do everything yourself.  She immediately appreciated all that the clinic had done for her from an administrative aspect. 

While Janette knew all about connecting with women to serve, she didn’t know how to manage the rest of her business.  Enter Profit & Prosper, a course designed for business owners to take charge of their business finances, goals and mindset.  

After starting Profit & Prosper, Janette learned how to set her annual financial goals based on her expenses and the lifestyle that she dreamed of living.  By starting to make small changes she saw an immediate increase in her bottom line.  She was able to drill down and figure out what processes needed to be in place so she was most efficient.  She also took a hard look at where she was spending her time and who she was aligning herself with.  

Janette has figured out what she needs to focus on in order to move the needle forward in her business.  She says that small tangible goals are a great place to start and that we shouldn’t ever be afraid of what we don’t know. 


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Janette Yee, Perinatal Therapist

Instagram: @askjanette



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