Feel more Confident about the Money side of your Business


Hey There! 


My name is Lianne Kim and if you are like most business owners I know, you're probably thinking about how you can grow your business next year. 


I'd love to help!


My new FREE Mini Course - Profit Year -  is a 3 part video series that will help you:

  • Get clear on what is working in your business
  • Get clear on where you need to focus next year
  • Set specific, tangible goals for the year ahead (including revenue and non-revenue goals)
  • Map out your detailed sales targets for next year
  • Give you a road map to take you from where you are now to whereto want to be

If you know you're ready to grow next year, but you're not 100% sure where to start, this course will give you the clarity and focus you need. 


Lesson 1 arrives on Wednesday, January 22nd, so don’t delay.  


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