Episode #46: Building Powerful Relationships

Nov 14, 2019

I sit down with a long-time client Chelsea Stroud of Parker Group Real Estate who is seriously the kindest, most positive person you will ever meet. Chelsea is a gifted relationship builder and understands that business is the long game, and she is in it to win it.  She shares the awkward start to her real estate journey and all the things she did to get customers.  Some strategies were effective, others were not. As she says, she was "doing whatever it took" to achieve what she wanted and she was willing to try anything, even if it meant failing.


We talk about using our positivity and personalities as a magnet to draw the right people to us. We also acknowledge that relationship building is a special skill and Chelsea gives her top tips on how to do it right. 


Finding new clients

Chelsea strives to ensure that when people think of real estate they think of her.  Her advice on where to meet clients is simple, be in places you enjoy and talk to people!  Sometimes she organizes co-working days for other entrepreneurs, it’s a chance to get everyone out into the world instead of working alone.  Being willing to just create something is key. 


Building relationships

Building long-standing relationships is key, as is learning to nurture people in general.  Some of our best clients are like us in many ways, which is why hanging out in places where you are comfortable works so well.


The competition

The real estate field is saturated, so in order to stand out, Chelsea genuinely cares and makes a point to really listen to her clients and get to know their needs. She is aware that as the business evolves, she must look for ways to add value in order to retain clients, and it’s not a cookie-cutter approach.  Another strategy that works is keeping time in her calendar to respond to new business requests, so leads don’t get cold. 



We chat about how when a project or contract has been completed, it’s important to keep in touch with the client, whether on social media or by inviting them to events periodically just to keep in touch.  Many business owners forget about the client after the work is completed.  Sending a birthday message or putting a comment on social media goes a long way for keeping in touch. 


Adding Value

Chelsea and The Parker Group invited their clients to a movie in the last holiday season, and it was a success.  They tailored the event to suit their dream client, which are families with young children, so they arranged the movie night in a theatre that is close to the neighbourhood they work in most and held the event in the early evening so children would be able to enjoy it as well.  By knowing their ideal customer, they were able to celebrate their clients by giving them an experience as a family. 


Chelsea shares some of her big accomplishments in her journey and shares her experiences inside A-Players group coaching program.  If you're interested in the A-Players Group Coaching Program, we invite you to start the application process right here


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