Episode #33: Is it Time to Hire a Coach?

Aug 15, 2019

97% of all 7-figure business owners have a coach. Hiring a coach can be a complete game-changer in! A lot of people think they need to wait until they have things all figured out before they hire a coach, when in fact hiring a great coach is the thing that will help you figure things out and move forward. 

So how do you know when it’s time to invest? 

If your concept is well received, and you are selling products or services, your clients are getting results, or if you are changing someone’s life and generating revenue, then you have what is called “Proof of Concept.”  If you are not at this stage, then you are not ready for a coach. A great coach is an investment, but if hiring one would create a strain on your finances, then now is not the time.

When your business is consistently earning, your clients are happy, and you are busy, then timing may be right! If you suffer from feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm, or if you find yourself always scrambling to complete work IN your business, but never find the time to work ON your business, then it’s probably time for a coach. 

So, what type of coach should you hire? Well, now that depends! The best strategy for this is to figure out what you are lacking or what you wish you could achieve. Once you know that, you need to find the coach who specializes in that area. It could be a business goal or a personal one. We need to be mindful that our personal and business lives affect one another, so if we are struggling in one, the other will often also suffer. But know this: You do not need to have everything figured out before you hire a coach!

You will know you have found the right person for the job if you feel good about the decision that you have made. Good coaches are not cheap, so keep in mind that hiring the right coach to suit your needs is going to be an investment in your future. Many coaches will offer references and free trials so you can talk to others about their experience and even try it out for yourself. 

Listen in to learn about the three coaches that I hired, why I hired them, and how it all worked out! 


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