Dynamic Results is a six-month coaching program for women at the top of their game, looking to expand their big vision and reach new heights.

Whether you’re looking to grow your revenue, develop more effective strategies and improve your systems, Dynamic Results is *the* program that will get you there. It’s like rocket fuel for your biz!

So you’ve got a business, it’s doing well, you have a solid suite of offers and amazing clients you are thrilled to serve. You’ve achieved a level of success you’ve never thought possible. Now what?

It's time to start thinking about what the next level looks like for you. 

You’re ready for Dynamic Results if:

  • You’re a high-achieving consultant, coach or creative making 6-figures (or plan to be soon!)
  • You’re looking to grow your team and implement the systems you need to scale this bad boy
  • You’re frequently at the ‘head of the pack’ in whatever you do, and need a coach who will help you amplify your results
  • You are prepared to devote 6 months working with a true expert in her field (that's me!) and have time in between sessions to work on your "action items"

What got you here,
won’t get you there.

Did you know that 97% of all seven-figure business owners have a coach? True story! They must know something the rest of the entrepreneurs don’t know. If we want to grow, we have to invest in ourselves. If we want to experience different results, then we have to be willing to do things differently.

Listen, I have no doubt that you can reach your dreams and goals on your own. But the fact of the matter is, working with an extraordinary business coach is going to help you get there faster, with more ease and joy. 

Have you ever heard the expression “what got you here, won’t get you there?” You’ve worked really hard to get to where you’re at. The truth is, it’s going to take a lot more than hard work and hustle to get to the next level.

With Dynamic Results, you will…

  • Develop and consistently ‘train’ the mindset you need to achieve new heights
  • Get clear on your vision of your ‘Dream Business’
  • Set clearly defined, tangible goals and systems for measuring your success
  • Take risks and make BIG, bold leaps you never thought possible!

In Dynamic Results we focus on 3 key areas of success:

1. Mindset

This is the foundation on which everything in our business is built. If you don’t have the right mindset, if you don’t believe that anything is possible and success is waiting for you, then you simply won’t stand a chance of reaching your fullest potential.

2. Strategy

Once you have the right mindset in place, it is imperative that you have a plan of attack to achieve the growth you desire. It’s time to stop trying one-off tactics, and employing a strategic approach to business growth.

3. Implementation

Once you know how you’re going to achieve your goals, and have the belief that it’s possible, it’s time to start doing. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. This coaching program provides the structure and accountability you need to ensure you are taking that intentional action.

Client Success Stories

"Lianne helped me get laser-focused on who I really wanted to serve and how I could best serve them. We restructured my offerings, established new pricing and created a roadmap to reach monthly targets. Within months I was getting the results we planned in our initial strategy session. I have learned and grown tremendously in the last 6 month as a solo entrepreneur because of her coaching and genuine desire to help me succeed.”

Jennifer S., PR Strategist + Media Coach

“Working with Lianne has been a tremendous help in moving my business forward by reworking my packages and pricing so that I get paid what I am worth. Together we have established a strategic direction for both my sales process and lead generation in ways that I would not have thought possible. She is a really great business coach!”

Nathalie A., Photographer

“I knew right away, Lianne was the coach for me. Her positive combined with deep knowledge, are a powerful combination, that’s helping me take my business to the next big level. Although I have been working as a social media strategist and content manager for years, I was playing small. The momentum we built from our first few sessions, lead me to working through some deep-rooted mindset blocks that lead to getting clear on my goals and my offers, increasing my income, and creating and launching my website and first online course!”

Sara V., Social Media Strategist

We're going to get a lot done, but have some fun too!

My motto is, we need to “bake the joy into everything we do” from day one. Success is not a final destination that we get to. We need to live and breathe a success every single day, and if we are waiting until we achieve certain results to experience joy and fulfillment, well, we're going to be waiting a looong time!

After all, I want you to have the business and the life of your dreams. I want you to wake up every day excited and energized to make a powerful impact on the world. I'm living proof that it's possible!

This program includes:

  • A full-day ‘Strategy Jam’ with me in person (or by video if need be), where we will do a deep dive into your business and get laser-focused on your desired results
  • Biweekly 50-minute coaching calls for a 5-month period (10 calls in total) 
  • On-going email & Voxer support 
  • 1-year access to the Mamas & Co. community
  • Access to my online resources, courses, and training

Ready to find out more?

Book in for a Free 30-Minute Strategy Session.
This is a zero-obligation video coaching call where we will see if we are a fit to work together while you experience what working with an exceptional business coach feels like.


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