Episode #266: Finding More Flow in your Business

Oct 26, 2023

Getting into a state of flow can be a struggle sometimes (especially if you’re a solopreneur who wears many hats!). Most of us spend our days feeling rushed and panicked, like we're not getting far enough fast enough, or like we're swimming upstream. We crave that feeling of lightness, progress, and FLOW — but we’re not quite sure how to achieve it, or how to maintain it once it happens.

Here’s the thing: we’re never going to feel aligned and in flow 100% of the time… but we can definitely experience more flow, more often!

In this episode, I explore the reasons why you may not be experiencing flow, with specific examples and juicy tips for clearing up the blocks in your business. As a bonus, I share a Listening List of key podcast episodes that are jam-packed with powerful insights and proven techniques for introducing more flow into all areas of your business and life!

If you’ve been feeling blocked, stuck, or overwhelmed, and would love to tap into a state of flow with more ease, then you won’t want to miss this episode!

Press play to discover:‌

  • What it really looks like to be in a state of joyful flow in your business
  • 4 areas where you may be experiencing a lack of flow in your business — and how to fix them!
  • How working with the wrong clients may be preventing you from achieving flow



00:34 Intro

01:38 What flow looks like

02:53 How flow spreads

04:50 Not enough time

08:18 Wrong client fit

10:53 Not doing what you love

17:01 Energy

21:20 Conclusion


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Episode #122: Work with Only Joyful Clients

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