Episode #174: Just Do You

Mar 24, 2022

You know that I’m big on building a JOYFUL business, and we can’t be joyful without being true to ourselves. You’ve heard it from everyone - “Just do you”, but this piece of advice can be challenging to follow because it’s natural for us to compare ourselves with others, especially as businesswomen.

While it’s important to know how your competitors are doing, and keep up with content that’s trending in your niche (you don’t want to shut off the world and be completely out of the loop!), it can actually impede your growth when you are too focused on others. In other words, you start “losing yourself”, and that can negatively impact your business BIG TIME.

In this episode I break down WHY authenticity is so important, how it impacts everything about your business from your marketing, to your productivity, to your revenue... This may seem cliche, but “being yourself” really does make all aspects of your business flow easier and bring you more success in the long run. Not to mention, your life will be much more joyful along the way, too! This episode will allow you to reflect upon your business and identify the ways you can be more authentic to yourself while making your business even more successful - win-win!


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