Episode #166: Using video to grow your business

Jan 27, 2022

We feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, it makes us want to cringe to stare into a screen and start talking, so we avoid video. BUT it can be a super powerful tool to grow your business if wielded correctly, and not all of these tips require you being in front of the camera all the time.

The reality is more and more social media platforms are leaning towards video, so it's one of those things we need to start to embrace or we will get left behind. Your clients could be following and buying from you, but they can't see you because you're hiding so they're hiring your competitor who IS on video.

Back in the day, video was very challenging for me, even though I was used to doing talks in front of hundreds of people in a room. I’ve gotten much more comfortable with it, and now my business uses video in a variety of ways. In my opinion, video is the fastest way to connect with your dream clients. I’ll talk about the 10 different ways we use video at Mamas & Co., and WHY each of those methods are important for growing your business. You can start with 1-2 of these strategies and go from there.

#1: Video Use on Social Media
#2: Facebook Lives
#3: Webinars
#4: Virtual Networking / Client Appreciation Events
#5: Thank-You Page Video
#6: Video Emails
#7: Videos in your sales landing pages
#8: After people have “booked a call” with you
#9: The sales conversation
#10: Video in personal messages / DMs

I'll also include tips on filming a good video, and advise on which social media platforms are right for your business (as it’s tough to be on all of them when you’re just starting out).

DM me on Instagram @liannekimcoach, I would love to hear what strategies work for you!

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