Episode #124: TikTok for Business with Samantha Vlasceanu

Apr 08, 2021

If you’ve ever considered getting into Tiktok, Samantha Vlasceanu is the expert you want in your corner! This week, we chat about everything you need to know to get started on the app.

Samantha wants you to know: your demographic is on Tiktok! Despite its reputation as the app for teens, 30-40% of the app are users over 30.

Using TikTok, Samantha helps her clients extend their reach further and increase the shelf life of their content. It doesn’t end there, either – with the right strategy, you’ll be converting those likes into leads at lightning speeds.

Links Mentioned in This Episode:

Connect with Samantha on TikTok @tiktokcoachsamv
Connect with Samantha on Instagram @thetiktokcoach

Kevin Hart on TikTok

Jason Derulo on TikTok

Reese Witherspoon on TikTok

Chipotle on TikTok



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