Episode #94: Leadership & Vulnerability with Amy Wine

Sep 10, 2020

Episode #94: Leadership & Vulnerability with Amy Wine

As leaders of our businesses, our families, and our communities, it can feel very challenging to be vulnerable. But vulnerability is a very powerful state to cultivate and it can have profound effects on both our personal and business growth.

In this episode I sit down with my sweet Texan friend Amy Wine, who is a marriage counselor and the host of the podcast, Marriage on Fire. Amy helps couples and families to communicate effectively so they can enjoy more fulfilling relationships and more joyful life as a result.

Amy boldly puts her own personal life out there every week on her podcast, so she knows what it's like to open yourself and your personal life up for all to see and potentially criticize.

But Amy hasn't always been the courageous leader she is today, and she and I both open up about how we've faced hard times when it comes to letting people see our imperfections.

We talk about the importance of being vulnerable with our clients and supporters, our teams, and within our families. We both share examples of ways in which we've done that. We also share some messy missteps too. After all, what's an episode on vulnerability without the messy stuff, right?

I also open up about my own marriage and some of the struggles I have had being vulnerable in my most intimate relationship.

Some of our favourite nuggets from this episode:

"How can I let them see me fail when I'm the person who helps them achieve?"

"80% of the time... I'm going to give them the very best tools and strategies. The other 20% of the time, they're going to see the real."

"If you have an opinion, you are going to risk pissing someone off."


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