Episode #62: The Fear of Selling Yourself

Mar 05, 2020

This week I had my friend Tarzan Kay on the podcast and man, what a time we had! Tarzan is an email marketing genius, and she helps her people learn to connect with their audience through the power of email. That said, she has a whole lot to say about many things.

I decided this conversation had to be around the fear of selling ourselves. 

Tarzan shares a bit about how she sees this fear showing up for women and how that is negatively impacting their businesses, their revenue and their lives. 

Tarzan shares the platforms where she shows up and what's working for her right now. She pulls back the curtain a little when it comes to her social media and email strategy - super helpful stuff for anyone who's looking to be more visible.

The major theme of this episode revolves around having the courage to show up. To be seen and be 100% authentically YOU. Tarzan also shares a lot of tactical tips and tricks she uses to leverage various marketing platforms and promote herself and her offers in a way that feels good. 

Learn from Tarzan Kay and other incredible marketing geniuses at Business Bootcamp Saturday, April 18th, in Toronto, Canada. If you're looking to reach more people, get more leads and close more sales in 2020, you will NOT want to miss it! 


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April 18, 2020 in Toronto, ON 

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Launch Whiz and Email Copy Queen


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