Episode #80: Letting Ourselves Be Big with Natalie Ruskin

Jun 04, 2020

If you've ever felt like you're not stepping into your full power and potential, this conversation will truly resonate with you. In this episode, I speak with my incredible client Natalie Ruskin, who is a life coach helping moms live their mission more fully and with integrity, without burning out.


Natalie speaks about how she felt called to serve moms to play big in their lives, and yet struggled with fully stepping into that role.


She shares how she once struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues, and how it was difficult for her to speak from those scars, for fear that her audience would see those flaws and judge her for them. And yet once she did own that journey, how powerful that has been for her as a leader.


We discuss the concept of "growth" and how important it is to allow ourselves to experience different kinds of growth, especially during this global crisis of COVID-19. She also shares a few simple yet effective mindfulness tools to help us create, as she says, "calm at will". We also discuss the role of faith in our personal journeys.


I got chills when Natalie talked about how she gave herself "permission to be unapologetically me" and put herself out there.


This is a very unique and spiritual discussion, but a very important one. And we even have a few laughs along the way. I hope you find value in it.


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Lianne Kim · Letting ourselves be Big with Natalie Ruskin


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