Episode #76: From Learning to Implementing

May 14, 2020

Do you love learning new things? Do you sometimes find that you get stuck in the "research phase" of growing a business? But as you continue to learn you find yourself failing to implement what you've learned? That was definitely the case with my client, Lily Horbatiuk, a mom of two and a sleep consultant.


She was new to business and she was buying online business courses and bingeing on podcasts. She felt "productive", but in reality, she was playing it safe. She was consuming tons of content but she wasn't applying any of this new knowledge.


Lily shares how working with a coach (yours truly!) helped her to move past her fears into intentional action. She focused on really nailing down her primary funnel and mastering her sales calls, but the journey wasn't all roses. Lily shares how she hit a few mental roadblocks along the way...


Lastly, Lily shares where she is now with her business, a rock star implementer with a highly engaged social media presence and multiple paid offers. If you're struggling with binge-learning and inaction, this episode will surely help!


If you're looking to grow in the ways that Lily did, and to have the support of a business coach and a peer Mastermind, be sure to check out A-Players Rapid Impact.


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