Episode #75: Permission to Lead

May 07, 2020

Do you struggle with giving yourself permission to be the leader you want to be? If so, you'll really appreciate this conversation with my client, Chernell Bartholomew. Chernell is a Registered Massage Therapist and a Health Coach, and she shares her journey from just dreaming about a different lifestyle to actually having a thriving business serving her dream clients. 


Chernell talks about how surrounding herself with successful women was a huge catalyst to her believing in herself and her own goals. She also talks about her decision to "get comfortable with being uncomfortable" this year, and how that has shaped her own success. 


Chernell is such a great example of what is possible when you make small but significant shifts over time. She had the courage to step up to be the leader her people needed, and that decision resulted in her launching her first online course. 


If you're looking for the inspiration and courage to step into the kind of leader that you know you can be, this episode is it!


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Chernell Bartholemew
Health Coach & RMT

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