Episode #73: Next Level Mindset with Rebecca Lane

Apr 23, 2020
Are you looking to get to that elusive "next level" in your business? If so, I want you to meet one of my incredible clients, Rebecca Lane, owner of Lane School of Music in east Toronto. 
Rebecca shares her remarkable journey from teaching violin lessons as a solopreneur in her spare bedroom 5 years ago to owning and operating a multi-room facility, with over 300 students in one of Toronto's fastest-growing neighborhoods. 
Rebecca also reveals some of the mindset and leadership pitfalls she faced throughout her journey and some of the thought work she did to overcome those negative thoughts and beliefs. 
She also shares how amidst the COVID-19 crisis she was able to quickly pivot her business from a brick and mortar to an online school in just 7 days. You will not believe how quickly and effectively she acted! This will truly inspire anyone looking to make a significant change in their business model. 
If you're looking to pivot online, join us in our Free Training Masterclass: Launching your First Online Offer 

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