Episode #49: Connection, Not Perfection

Dec 05, 2019

This week I share some thoughts about overcoming perfectionism. I share a little bit about my journey from being a perfectionist to the woman I am today, which is more accepting of myself and my limitations. These days, perfect is not the goal for me. And I truly believe that perfect should not be the goal for any of us. 


I share the reasons that perfectionism will hold you back, and why getting things done is a much better strategy for success in business. I also share how perfectionism affects your audience and your bottom line. 


When we focus on perfect, we're focusing on ourselves, which means we're not focusing on the people who need us. So let's flip that. Let's focus on the connection we want to make with our community and how we can help them. I share more about exactly how we can do this and the powerful ways this can transform us. 


I also revisited my thoughts on perfection and what we can focus on to overcome this. I hope you find this episode helps you get unstuck and helps you take action. 


Links mentioned in this episode:

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Amy PorterfieldBusiness Coach

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