Episode #58: My Favourite Business Podcasts

Feb 06, 2020

This week I share some of my favourite podcasts that have helped me build my business. The podcasts cover everything from marketing to money to mindset... I really don't know where I'd be today without these audio inspirations!  


I talk about the first podcast I ever listened to only a few years ago by a huge mentor of mine Amy Porterfield. Her podcast is called Online Marketing Made Easy and when I discovered her she blew my mind with her wealth of knowledge. Amy has really inspired me with her blend of hard-hitting business strategy and lighter, more fun and inspiring style. 


I share another favourite podcast, my mentor Rick Mulready and I reference a very special episode of his show that I was on, where Rick and I talk all about mindset and playing a bigger game in our businesses. It's a slightly different side of me than you've likely ever seen, and if you're interested in the "inner game" stuff, I recommend you check it out. 


And from there I share quite a few others, you'll have to listen to learn them all!


Links mentioned in this episode:

Marketing Made Easy
Amy Porterfield
Episode #106: Are You Repelling or Attracting Your Potential Customers with Jasmine Star
Episode #207: Why You Aren’t Taking Action with Brooke Castillo


The Art of Online Business
Rick Mulready
Episode: Why Growing Your Business is 90% Mindset, with Lianne Kim


Mind Your Business
James Wedmore
Episode #186: The 7 Universal Laws of Abundance with Christy Whitman


Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast
Ekhart Tolle – 10 Part Series around his ground-breaking book “A New Earth”


How to Lead for Female Entrepreneurs
Kris Plachy 


Life Coach School Podcast
Brooke Castillo


The CEO Teacher Podcast
Kayse Morris
Episode: Quiet the Noise to Build the Business of your Dreams with Jasmine Star


The Business of Thinking Big Podcast
Lianne Kim
Episode #41: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome


The Small Non-Profit Podcast
Cindy Wagman


Screw the Nine to Five Podcast
Jill & Josh Stanton
Episode: An Intimate Look into our Struggles as Couplepreneurs with Marla Mattenson & Julian Colker



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