Episode #41: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Oct 10, 2019

Join me while I sit down with one of my lovely business buddies, Ms. Kayse Morris. Kayse has grown a powerful community of "Teacher CEO’s.”  We share the real and the raw in this episode and we don't sugar coat anything, so if you want an honest look at the inner game of two female online entrepreneurs, then you'll want to tune in. 


Kayse constantly inspires me by all the amazing things she has accomplished over the last 7 years. Her journey is nothing short of remarkable. I even admit how when I first met Kayse I was very intimidated by her and how I learned to embrace this feeling and use it as fuel for my own success.


We talk about how everyone struggles with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, which are absolute killers for entrepreneurs.  Because it shows up for so many of us, we chat about some of the strategies that have worked for both of us to get us out of a funk and into positive action! 


We also get real about our lives as mothers, as wives and how it can sometimes be hard to find the right balance. We share our experiences around dealing with "mom guilt" and "mean girls" and something I have dubbed "success guilt.”  We analyze how our beliefs affect how we see ourselves, and how we grow when we pivot, realign and “flip the script.” 


We finish our conversation with Kayse’s strategy for success, which is “constant, persistent action to move forward.”


Keep your eye on the prize in order to stay focused, and ultimately it will pay off. 



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