Episode #32: High vs. Low Season in Business

Aug 08, 2019

People that make time for breaks are more successful and tend to be more productive. On a micro level, this could be time blocking; working hard for a few hours, then taking a walk or a break.  On a macro level, it could mean planning out blocks of time. 

It’s helpful for us to know and anticipate where the high and low seasons are. I realized that 90-day planning doesn’t work for me; my business works better on a trimester model. Once I discovered this, it completely changed the way I operate! 

The Trimester Model: 
1st Trimester – Fall (September – December)
During this time, I find that most people are looking to grow their business; the kids are back to school, and everyone is hustling.  I run a big conference, and my clients are busy, which means I’m working with them, I also offer courses during this time. 

2nd Trimester (January – April)
January – a fresh start, a new year which brings new goals and resolutions. January through April are always very busy. During this trimester, I run the Forces of Nature Retreat for Remarkable Women. There are also courses, lots of client work and a spring conference. This is my busiest time, and I find that by the end of April, I am pretty much burned out and ready to take a break. 

3rd Trimester (May - August)
Historically, this is the quietest time for my business. So, I’ve embraced this season and work my business around it. During this time, I take family vacations and carve out more time for myself. 

In the high season, you will find me as super focused, with my head down executing marketing, offers, talks and webinars. There is selling, online launches, events and conferences. There is literally no time for anything else. 

However, during my low season, I do not work on executing marketing campaigns or selling. I still show up on social media and serve my clients as needed, but during this time, I tend to work on other stuff, and I love it. 

Personally, during my low season, I spend more time with my kids, exploring the city, reading and date nights with my husband. Professionally during this time, I am still serving clients, but I will take time to map out the year ahead, starting in September. I map out events and anchors, and I do things that I don’t want to have to worry about during my busy season. I sign up and complete online courses that will benefit my business, so I’m geared up and ready for September when it comes. 

Basically, by embracing the ebb and flow of my business, I maximize my time and energy and anticipate what is to come. We all need breaks; if we were in a constant state of stress, we would be unhappy and unfulfilled. Working harder doesn’t necessarily mean being more productive. 

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