Episode #30: Dealing with Dry Spells

Jul 25, 2019

We need sales to survive, but what happens when we have gone several weeks (or worse) months without a sale?  That is a dry spell. 

As humans, we are hard-wired to want to achieve, to get the gold star or the pat on the back.  So dry spells can be dangerous to entrepreneurs, and rest assured even the most successful businesses go through them.  During these times we go into a funk and tend to get down on ourselves which causes our confidence to wane.  When this happens, it affects how we show up for our clients, and our sales conversations suffer as a result. 

During the time when things are slow, we should be focusing on learning more about ourselves and our business.  It’s an opportunity to take the time we need to slow down so that later we can speed up.  Look inward, where your focus is, and where your energy is going.  Is your offer landing in front of the right person?  Are you attracting the right client?  Think about your sales conversations, what energy you are putting out. 

Mindset, and making sure that you show up from a place of ultimate service. Train your mindset daily with visualization and gratitude practice.  Be strategic with your dry-spell by looking forward to the next quarter or busy season.  Take the time now to map out the major anchors and events, and start working on some of the items that need to be done in advance. 

Enjoy it!  Sometimes the universe has a way of telling us what we need, so if we aren’t making sales maybe it’s because we need to slow down and focus on something else.  Whatever it is, make sure you use your time wisely while you have it!

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