Episode #283: 10 Things you Don't Know about Me

Feb 22, 2024

Every so often, I like to switch things up and record an episode of The Business of Thinking Big that offers the unexpected!

Over the course of 282 episodes, I’ve shared a LOT about my life, my business, my family, my journey as an entrepreneur, my popular A-Players program, my long-running MamaCon conference, and my amazing Mamas & Co. community — not to mention dozens of my all-time favourite business books.

So, in this episode, I thought it would be fun to reveal 10 things you very likely do NOT know about me!

From my second-degree black belt in karate to the fact that I have two completely different ears, I’m sharing some of my juiciest, weirdest, and most surprising personal trivia (and yes, this episode does include some golden business insights!).

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • The reason why I’ve gone though multiple graphic designers in my business over the years
  • How Cabbage Patch Kids helped me discover my love of leadership
  • Why I’m SO passionate about diversity and inclusion (and how this shows up in my business!)



00:33 Intro

01:18 My black belt story

03:50 Sensitivity to noise

06:09 Being picky about visuals

08:39 Diversity & inclusion

10:58 My ears

13:03 Meeting my husband

15:30 My comfort zone

19:12 Thinking about my clients

21:30 Manifesting my kids

25:00 No small talk

28:17 Conclusion


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